Our Story

Our story begins in the pastures of Argentina, where the cattle are cared for in a manner superior to anywhere in the world. It is for this reason that Argentinian leather is considered to be of the highest quality. It is luxurious, yet refined; supple, yet durable. 

Then, with expert care and immense knowledge of the materials at hand, we select only the finest leather and fur to be used for our bags.

The tale continues as the leather flows freely through the skilled, gentle hands of our tailors and seamstresses. Threads fly and needles dance while each and every bag is sewn individually, resulting in a final product that is of the highest quality and of utmost beauty.

When the work is completed and the bag is ready, it passes through quality control testing. The bags are tested, one by one, during which every detail is examined: the stitches, the zipper, embossing etc. After the bag has been inspected and perfected, it is ready to be shipped to customers around the world who will use it to house their holy Tallis and Tefillin. 

The story lives on in each and every one of our customers as their bag remains a constant in the journey of their lives, and is kept at their side, everywhere they go.